Every day people from the three largest cities of Siberia choose us for a high level of service, longtime work experience and new comfortable cars.

Live an active lifestyle?

Having a rented car you can transport equipment or reach remote places in comfort and saving a lot of time.

Feel free setting off on a journey!

If you haven’t got your own car or have no chance to use it, but want to spend an outstanding vacation, car rental is an optimal variant for you.

Do you need to transport things?

Sometimes there can be situations when a car is completely indispensable. You can always rent a suitable car for transporting things, meeting guests or other short-time emergency needs.

rental Conditions

Requirements for the tenant: age at least 23 years of age and driving experience of at least 3 years.

Documents for rent:regular passport and driver's license (for each driver who is going to manage the rented vehicle).

Rent Terms:
- on a full day (rental period of 1 day);
- day or night (from 9-00 to 19-00 and from 19-00 to 09-00 , respectively).

Important to remember:
- Car return delay time from 1 to 6 hours is paid at the rate of 200 rubles . 1 hour , delays of more than 6 hours - a whole day;
-restriction on daily mileage is 300 km or 600 (limit selects the tenant ) By mileage restriction when renting for a day / night is 200 km ; in excess of the limit will be charged at the rate of 3 rubles per km;
- return of the car is done in the office during working hours from 09:00 to 19:00 (the cost of the service " car renting company's office after hours " - 500 rubles);
- Vehicles must be returned clean after washing complex.

Obligations of the tenant:
- always leave the car and closed -enabled alarm;
- not to leave the car keys and the certificate of registration of the vehicle;
- not to leave the car in a place where parking is prohibited;
- not to drive a car in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
-in the event of an accident or theft immediately notify the landlord by phone , as well as to issue notice of an accident and get the inspector DPS protocol , ruling certificate from the traffic police .