All our vehicles are not older than 2 years and mostly equipped with automatic transmission (automatic transmission).
We carefully monitor the technical condition of the fleet: all vehicles undergo regular, equipped with rubber for the season and all the necessary accessories.

For rent is required regular passport (age not less than 23 years) and a driver's license (experience not less than 3 years).

Limit daily mileage is 300 (normal running) or 600 km (enlarged) by mileage restriction when renting for a day / night is 200 km. If you exceed the limit will be charged at the rate of 3 rubles per km. If you need an increased mileage, specify this when booking.

Return of the car is done in the office during working hours from 09:00 to 19:00 (the cost of the service "car renting company's office after hours" - 500 rubles).

If necessary, we will deliver the car:

  • at the designated place within you Tomsk : Shipping - double cab fare
  • in Tomsk airport: cost of service "delivery to the airport" - 1000 rubles , "surrender to the airport" - 1000 rubles

  • In addition, you can rent a car in Tomsk, and to pass it in Novosibirsk or Kemerovo. This option is very useful for business people who travel a lot and this can not take the time to go back to Tomsk.
    The cost of the service "car renting Novosibirsk" - 5000 rubles (in the office during working hours), "Car renting Kemerovo" - 3500 rubles (in the office during working hours).


    Hyundai Solaris | Sedan2000 руб/сутки

    Options: automatic transmission, power steering, ABS and EBD, air conditioning, radio with USB connector

    Power/fuel consumption (highway - city): 123 bhp / 5,2-8,8 liters per 100 km

    1 to 3 days 4 to 7 days 8 to 14 days 15 days for a month day
    from 9-00 to 19-00
    from 19-00 to 9-00
    2000 1900 1850 1800 40000 1550 1550 4000